International Conference on Intelligent Technology, System and Service for Internet of Everything (ITSS-IoE 2022) aims to promote worldwide, research work, innovative and unique ideas of leading academic scientists, experts, researchers and research scholars. The latest and innovative research work is covered by advanced engineering, intelligent technologies, and their applications on advanced computing and communication to ensure social development using Internet of Everything (IoE) systems for targeted audiences (i.e., users, researchers, robots, machines) and future ecosystems. ITSS-IoE 2022 platform ensures a high-profile, leading-edge forum for individuals, communities, organizations, and countries by reuniting reputed researchers, research scholars and engineers to exchange their advanced and innovative ideas. In addition to academia, practitioners, industry, and global leaders will put together their valuable motivational speech about most recent innovations, trends, concerns, and practical challenges of IoE at this conference to inspire by giving plenary lectures.

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ITSS-IoE 2022 invites the students, professors, researchers, government and nonprofit organization leaders for high quality, the latest work with theoretical and applied original papers in the aspects of accelerated internet penetration and proliferation of connected devices across the globe as IoE with emerging issues which include but are not limited to: IoT, Edge Architecture and Connectivity; Data Privacy and Security; Artifecial Intelligence, Decision and Optimization, Remote Monitoring, Controlling and Robotics, Big Data, Intelligent Data Analytics, Smart Healthcare Systems, Smart Industrial System using IoE Technology. Conceptual, constructive, empirical papers, proposals for tutorials, special sessions, workshops, forums, demos and exhibitions are also cordially welcome.

Major Tracks

Mobile and wireless communication systems

5G and next-generation networks

Social networking and social network analysis

Licensed or unlicensed networking

Self-organizing networks

Context-aware and predictive IoE communication

Lightweight communications

Medium access control design issues

Coexistence with legacy wireless systems

Performance analysis of M2M communications

IoT architecture: Things-centric, data-centric, service-oriented

Sustainable IoT with respect to wireless communications, and sensing systems

Future Internet design for IoE, Intelligent computing system

IoE technologies for health, smart industry, agriculture, climate change, mining, energy, water management, business process management, smart education systems, and forestry

IoT trials and standardization activities

Big Data for sustainable development and big data analytics capacity

Big data and business analytics ecosystems

Remote Sensing, Intelligent Manufacturing

Artificial intelligence for IoT

Intelligent transportation, Intelligent industry automation and optimization

Language processing, Audio and video processing, motion and tracking

Autonomic Business Process and Workflow Management in Clouds

Buffering, queueing and caching in the IoE

Game-theoretic and learning mechanisms for the IoE

Self-driving and connected vehicles

Deep & Machine learning techniques for IoE systems and application

Educational Cyber-Physical Systems using IoE

Computational Intelligence in Cyber-Physical Systems

High-performance embedded computing

Cyber-physical systems for water, climate change using IoE Secure, safe, and dependable CPS using IoE

Cyber-physical systems for water, climate change, industrial sustainability

Internet of Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Intelligent Traffic Management System, Smart City

Control & Robotics and their technologies for sustainable development in education

Robotics on industrial applications, space, underwater, military, agriculture, remote exploration, surgical operations, services, and personal assistants

Cloud Composition, Federation, Bridging, Bursting, Cloud Migration

Autonomous Systems and Disaster Management

Low power and energy harvesting

Energy efficiency and spectral efficiency enhancements for IoE

Security and Privacy aspect on Emerging application

Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

Evolutionary Computation and Fuzzy Systems

Software Engineering

Image Processing

Quantum Computing

High Performance Computing

Distributed and parallel systems

Cognitive Computing

Cloud Computing, Grid Computing

Embedded Computing, Scalable Computing

Human-centred Computing

Mobile computing, Machine Vision

e-Learning Tools

Mobile Learning

e-Learning Organisational Issues


Collaborative Learning

Curriculum Content Design

Educational Systems Design

Virtual Learning Environments

Web-based Learning

Delivery Systems and Environments

Paper Submission


All papers to ITSS-IoE 2022 must be submitted through the online conference management system EasyChair within the announced deadline and in pdf formats. The Initial Paper Submission deadline is September 15, 2022


  • Abstract: The maximum of 200-word abstract should be a brief summary of the work, which will be included in the Conference Proceedings if the paper is accepted.
  • Summary: The Maximum 6-page two-column IEEE style Summary includes all the text, abstract, title, authors, equations, tables, photographs, drawings, figures, and references. In exceptional circumstances, authors must contact publication chair Dr. Ahmed Kherd, Al-ahgaff University, Yemen, and an extra charge will be applied for each page.
  • Double-Blind Paper: The authors should not include their names, affiliations, postal addresses, and email addresses in the initial manuscript.
  • Manuscript Template: Submissions must follow standard IEEE conference templates. The manuscript template is also available at the following links:  MS Word (A4), MS Word (US Letter), and Latex

  • Download the ITSS-IoE template MS Word (A4)

  • Add the copyright notice (978-1-6654-5998-3/22/$31.00 ©2022 IEEE) to the bottom of the first page of your source document .


Plagiarism: All conference papers submitted to ITSS-IoE 2022 for publication must record original work which has not been published previously. Any alleged cases of plagiarism will be dealt with according to the ITSS-IoE 2022 and IEEE Policy in relation to Plagiarism, Infringement of Copyright and Infringement of Moral Rights and Submission to Multiple Publications outlets.
The IEEE policy on Plagiarism is available at IEEE Policy on Plagiarism

Multiple submissions: ITSS-IoE 2022 and IEEE do not permit manuscripts included in its conference proceedings to be simultaneously under review for another conference, journal, or other forms of publication. Once a case of multiple submissions has been established, the paper(s) in question will be immediately declined for publication by the ITSS-IoE 2022 and IEEE followed by appropriate disciplinary action.
The IEEE policy on Multiple submissions is available at IEEE Policy on Multiple Submission


ITSS-IoE2022 is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Yemen section. Accepted and presented papers will be published on IEEE Xplore® (IEEE Digital Library) and IEEE will own the copyright to the conference publication. IEEE copyright form will be filled out for each paper separately (One copyright form is required for one paper).

Copyright Form: To Submit IEEE e-Copyright Form (eCF), please visit the following IEEE Copyright Form and complete the form and submit it. Authors will be redirected to IEEE eCF site to submit the copyright form. Click on the Submit IEEE Copyright Form link (which initiates eCF). Please read the instructions carefully. Submit IEEE eCF for each paper separately. After filling out the IEEE copyright form on eCF site, authors need to download the form. Camera Ready Paper Due Date: September 30, 2022.


E. Camera Ready Paper Submission

Prepare PDF: Prepare PDF of the camera-ready version of your paper. Your PDF file must be created and verified by IEEE PDF eXpress before submitting. Please use the Conference ID: 56359X while preparing PDF using IEEE PDF eXpress. While making the final paper, do not add page numbers, add all authors with affiliations, following the IEEE Template for the conference.

PDF Instructions for your Authors: Before Creating a PDF

  • Add the copyright notice (978-1-6654-5998-3/22/$31.00 ©2022 IEEE) to the bottom of the first page of your source document .
  • Prepare PDF of the camera-ready version of your paper. Your PDF file must be created and verified by IEEE PDF eXpress before submitting. Please use the Conference ID: 56359X while preparing PDF using IEEE PDF eXpress. While making the final paper, do not add page numbers, add all authors with affiliations, following the IEEE Template for the conference.
  • Proofread your source document thoroughly to confirm that it will require no revision.

Creating your PDF eXpress Account

   Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress TM site:

  A. First-time users should do the following:

  1. Select the New Users - Click Here link.
  2. Enter the following:
  • 56359X for the Conference ID
  • your email address
  • a password

3. Continue to enter information as prompted.

       An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.

B. Previous users of PDF eXpress need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid

Please submit your camera ready copy, reviewer's response, e-copyright file, and video of the presentation using the following link: EasyChair

Conference email is: [email protected]


Registration will be announced shortly. Please always keep updated with any news through our website. The registration fees is given if only if the first author is: (1) Student (2) IEEE Member and (3) The affiliation of the first author is from the Yemen institute. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PAYMENT: The conference must receive the full fees. The transaction fees must be covered by the authors. Mention the paper number (ITSS.IoE-paperID-01). ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Option 1: Payment can be made via Bank Transfer a. SWIFT CODE: MBBEMYKL b. BANK NAME : Maybank Bukit Ubi, Kuantan c. BRANCH CODE: 56093 d. BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT: 556093258060 e. COUNTRY: Malaysia f. ACCOUNT NUMBER: 556093258060 g. Account Name: RI TECH SOLUTION h. ADDRESS BANK : 61 - 65, Jalan Tun Ismail, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Option 2: Pay to Paypal account: paypal.me/sewaricovers /////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Option3 Inside Yemen: ضلا سجل يتم اداع رسوم المشاركة من داخل اليمن عبر حساب جامعة الاحقاف لدي شركة المحضار للصرافة في اي فرع من فروع الشركة في الجمهورية اليمنية. بحساب رقم 10029 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// *TERMS AND CONDITIONS All proof of payment needs to be uploaded to easychair. A letter of Registration Confirmation will be issued after full payment has been received. All payments are non-refundable. For further clarification about registration please email to [email protected].

Local Fees: USD 100

Overseas Fees: USD 200

Local Fees: USD 80

Overseas Fees: USD 180

Local Fees: USD 60

Overseas Fees: USD 150

Local Fees: USD 50

Overseas Fees: USD 130

Event Speakers / meet with greaters

Dr. Adel Aneiba


Birmingham City University

Dr. Hamzah Alaidaros

Assistant Professor

Al-Ahgaff University

Dr. Jahangir Hossain


The University of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada

Dr. Jon Crowcroft


University of Cambridge

Dr. Shadi S. Basurra

Associate Professor

Birmingham City University

Event Organizer

Organising Committee

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Baharoon University Chancellor Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen, and. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Arafatur Rahman, Advisor, RiTECHS, UK

Prof Dr. Sadeq Omer Maknoon Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen, and Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan Director of Dependable and Secure System Research (DependSys) Lab Fordham University, USA

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Khared, Dean of Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen. Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. AbdulRahman A. Alsewari, Birmingham City University, UK. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Salem Bamsoud, Dean of Scientific Research at Hadhramout University, Yemen.

Dr. Hassan Mgaibel, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Belal A. Al-Fuhaidi, Dean of Faculty of Computing & IT, UST, Yemen. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Faisal Saeed, Birmingham City University. Assoc. Prof. Dr Ammar Zahary, Chair of IEEE Yemen Subsection.

Dr. Hamzah Alaidaros, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen; Dr. Lounis Chermak, Cranfield University, UK;, AbdulGani Ahmed, De Montfort University, UK; Dr. Ahmed Sheikh Al-Aidaroos, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen; Dr. Sergio De Agostino, SAPIENZA University of Rome, Italy; Prof. Dr. Paul Yoo, University of London (Birkbeck College), UK; Dr. Arwa Al-eryani, Independent Researcher, Canada; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muneer Almekhlafi, Treasurer of IEEE Yemen Subsection; Dr. Muhammed Wahdean, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen; Dr. Mohammed Abdo Hashim, Universiti Malay, Malaysia; Dr. Hussain Alaidaros, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen;

Dr. Mohmmed Wahdain, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen; Dr. Bassam Al-tamimi, Birmingham City University, UK; Dr. Mohammed Mudhsh, School of Information Engineering, Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Xinxiang, China; Dr. Taha H. Rassem, Bournemouth University, UK; Assoc. prof. Dr. Waheb Abdullah, Birmingham City University, UK; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eklas Hossain, Oregon Institute of Technology, USA; Dr. Xiaokang Wang, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada; Assoc. prof. Dr. Naziha Mohammed Ali Al-Aidroos, Computers and Information Technology College - Hadhramout University;

Dr. Ahmed Sheikh Al-Aidaroos, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen; Emad Bafadhel, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen; Basam Al-tamemi, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen; Al-Hsan Baharoon, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen.

Md Jasim Uddin (TPC Chair) Cardiff metropolitan university, UK; Abdelraqeeb abduh Asaad UST, Yemen; Abdullah Al-Hashedi UST, Yemen; AbdulGani Ahmed De Montfort University, UK; Abdelazeez Althabhani UST, Yemen; Adnan Al-Mutawakkil SANA'A UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Ahmed Sultan Al-Hegami SANA'A UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Akansha Singh Galgotias University, India; Alaa A. Alomoush UMP, Malaysia; Ali Sadiq University of Wolverhampton, UK; Anton Satria Prabuwono King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia; Ameen A. Ba Homid University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia; Amin El-kustaban UST, Yemen; Ashish Khanna Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi, India; Asmaa Al-shargaby UST, Yemen; B. Balamurugan Galgotias University, India; B.K. Kaushik IIT Roorkee, India; Belal Abdullah Al-Fuhaidi UST, Yemen; Deepak Gupta Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology, Delhi, India; Debajani Mitra IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, India; Farouq Al-Fuhaidi IBB UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Faisal Al-Kamali IBB UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Fekri M. A. Abduljalil SANA'A UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Gandeva Bayu Satrya Telkom University, Indonesia; Ganesh Gopal Galgotias University,India; Ghada Adel UST, Yemen; Ibrahim Al-Baltah SANA'A UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Khaled Alhussaini THAMAR UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Khoirul Anwar Telkom University, Indonesia; Krishna Kant Singh GL BAJAJ Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida, India; Kamal AlHendawi Israa University, Gaza, Palestine; Kamal A. Alezabi UCSI University, Malaysia; Lounis Chermak University of London (Birkbeck College), UK; Mohammed Easa UST, Yemen; Mohammed Alshaddadi UST, Yemen; Mohammad M. Hassan King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA; Mohd Mawardi Bin Saari University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia; Mohammad Osiur Rahman University of Chittagong, Bangladesh; Muhammad Akmal Bin Ramli University Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia; Muneer Al-Mekhlafi THAMAR UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Murad Rassam TAIZ UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Musfiq Rahman Thompson Rivers University, Canada; Nadia Refat University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia; Noman Al-Naggar UST, Yemen; Naseebah Maqtary UST, Yemen; Osamah N. AlSayaydeh UMP, Malaysia; Paul Yoo University of London (Birkbeck College), UK; Redhwan Shaddad TAIZ UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Safwan Mahmood Yahya Ghaleb University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia; Sadik Al-Taweel UST, Yemen; Sinan Q. Salih Dijlah University College, Iraq; Sikder M Kamruzzaman Ryerson University, Canada; Swakkhar Shatabda United International University, Bangladesh; Sharaf Alhomdy SANA'A UNIVERSITY, Yemen; Taha Hussein Rassem University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia; Valentina E. Balas Aurel Vlaicu university of arad, Romania; Vitaliy Mezhuyev FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria; Wadea Al-Qubati UST, Yemen; Waheb AbdulJabar Birmingham City University, UK; Walid Shaher UST, Yemen; Waleed Al-Arashi UST, Yemen; Wedad Al-Sorori UST, Yemen; Xiong Li Hunan University of Science and Technology, China; Zubair Md. Fadlullah Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan; Dr Kamran Yeganegi Islamic Azad University, Iran; Dr AHMED J. OBAID University of Kufa Najaf, Iraq; Dr. Subrta Chowdhury SVCET Engineering college Andra Pradesh, India; Dr. Sayed Abulhasan Quadri, SECAB INSTITUTE of ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), DELHI, India;

Prof. Dr. Sabira Khatun RITECHS; Prof. Dr. Naveen Chilamkurt SMIEEE La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia;

Eng. Faiz Bin-Shamla, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen. Ali Baqeal, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen. Zain Bin-Aqail, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen. Ahmed bin-shamala, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen. Ahmed Alaiw, Al-Ahqaff University, Yemen.

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