Closing the works of the first International Conference on Smart Technology in Sanaa

  • Sep-26-2021

The conclusion of the First International Conference on Smart Technology, Systems and Internet of Things Services in Sanaa was organized over two days at the University of Science and Technology in collaboration with the RiTECHS, with the participation of more than 300 researchers, researchers, and experts from 18 countries, 55 research on smart technologies, Internet of things and data analysis, AI and technology industry Remote sensor rarats, language, voice, video processing, and computer management Cloud, data science, including integrated computing, electronic physical systems of the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Things emerging applications of the Internet of Everything. At the conclusion of the conference attended by the Director of Information Technology Center, Dr. Fouad Hassan, the head of higher studies and scientific research at the University, Dr. Ismail Al-Sharabi, representatives of stakeholders and academics, the participants were honored with certificates of participation