A mentee is a dedicated student/learner who wishes to grow personally, professionally, and academically with the assistance of a peer mentor. He/she also examines research on the characteristics of effective mentoring programs' (like contact frequency, cross-race matching, mentee risk level, and so on) implementation.


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New professionals in their first or second job, or those thinking about pursuing a graduate degree.

  • Recent graduates making their first foray into the professional workforce.
  • A professional making a career transition or change.
  • People with a strong desire to learn.
  • Willing to devote time and effort to the mentoring relationship
  • Willing to identify and clarify their developmental goals
  • Interested in learning from another professional.

How/Where to Manage the Mentoring Partnership with RiTECHS

In Person: If the mentor and mentee are located in close proximity, in person meetings are the best way to get to know each other and build your partnership.

Web Conference/Skype: Using web-based video/audio conferencing applications, several of which are free of charge, are reliable to build the mentoring partnership and provide visual in addition to audio contact.

Teleconference: Teleconferences are best once you have started your partnership, as the lack of visual contact makes for a less robust  experience.

Email: Written communication is best to provide brief updates, but it is not a replacement for in person, web conference, or telephone contact

Exclusive club: Using the Exclusive club feature in RiTECHS’s virtual research adda can be very helpful. Exclusive club are by invitation only and allow participants to have discussions by creating, organizing, sharing, commenting, and collaborating on content.

Mentoring Timeline

Step 1: At this time, mentoring panel recommend mentee to start meeting with mentor, then the contact information and basic profiles should be exchanged and discussed during this time.

Step 2: Both the mentor and the mentee have agreed (mentoring agreement) to participate in a mentoring partnership, and the agreement form is available from the mentoring panel.

Step 3: The mentor and mentee are bounded to share, review, and finalize their information over the scheduled time or so, mentoring panel endorse a secure sharing of Information between matches.

Step 4: Once both the mentor's and the mentee's goals have been met, both participants should make a decision based on the mentoring partnership and its objectives. To make sure to fill-out the post-mentoring partnership survey to let RiTECHS know how everything went. 

Step 5: After completing mentoring partnership, mentee can opt to be mentored by another individual or became a mentor themselves.