Academic Posters presentations are excellent ways to showcase the research you have produced in a class in front of an audience. When done correctly posters will effectively communicate your ideas to the audience using visuals. As the aim of these presentations is to demonstrate a summary of your research in a fixed amount of time, it becomes essential to highlight all the important aspects of your research while retaining the limits of the presentations. subject.

How to Manage the Poster

Tools: Out of the various computer programs which can be used to create a poster, Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher and PowerPoint are most commonly used by students and researchers. As a poster needs a lot of editing, it is essential to choose the right tool to work with. Each of these media has their own strengths and weaknesses in terms of technical capabilities.

Sections: Before starting a poster, it is recommended to break down all the research information you want to present into different sections such as Summary, Introduction, Objectives, Theory, Results, and Conclusion, depending on the specifics of your research. Generally, an ideal poster will have four to eight such sections arranged in three or four columns. As posters are read from left to right and top to bottom, it is essential to lay out all the sections strategically so they can be read in order.

Design: Use a simple format for your poster which is easily readable. The background should be pure white or with a subtle gradient/pattern which does not distract the audience. Although universities recommend the ideal font size and style, the text used in your poster must be clear and easily readable. While making use of charts or graphics, care should be taken that they are easy to understand and free from unnecessary elements. The charts and graphs must be distributed evenly and kept equally sized.

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