Prof Prashant Pillai is an award-winning academic leader and visionary who has over 19 years of UK Higher Education experience. He is a globally renowned scholar and outstanding university educator who provides academic direction and leadership to research, business engagement and education within the subject area of computer science at the University of Wolverhampton. He has a proven track record in not just guiding innovative strategies and institutional visions but leading from the front in transforming academic departments and research groups. He thrives working across complex organisational landscapes and has a proven history of embedding positive working cultures and empowering individuals to develop leading groups and centres. Prof Pillai has held several senior roles at different organisations and led both teaching and research activities. Over the years, Prof Pillai has led several national/international research projects in the areas of networking protocols and cyber security. He has been invited for talks at various international conferences and has published over 100 papers within peer-reviewed journals and conferences. With educational background in Electronics and IT security and an avid interest in Artificial Intelligence, Prof Pillai has a passion for researching complex issues that lie in the interaction of these areas. His current research interest lies in the application of AI and developing novel security solutions for safety critical systems (like smart grid, autonomous cars, aeronautical systems and robotics). Prof Pillai has developed innovative education programmes, conducted world-class research, and utilised his enterprising nature and business acumen to facilitate high impact and sustainable change within higher education.